• Belfield Tidal Plotting Software  - Tide tables, tide graphs, tide height finder and a host of tidal information available on the Belfield Software website. Home of Tide Plotter the easy to use tidal prediction software for Windows,a useful tool for any user of tidal waters.
  • Maritek Software  - A program for the Psion Series 3/3a/3c/MX. Fast calculation of tidal height for hundreds of ports around the British Isles and Western Europe. The user may add more ports giving worldwide capability. Calculates a day's tide table in seconds with choice of time interval. Time zone selection and local time results. Menus and hot keys make using this program extremely easy.
  • Neptune Tides  - A very easy to use Tidal Prediction program for the PC or Pocket PC that produces tides for 347 UK and 312 European ports, tidal curves, monthly tide tables, rate of the rise and fall, neap to spring indicator and many other invaluable features. No yearly update required.
  • UK Hydrographic Office  - EasyTide - the FREE on-line tidal prediction service from the UK Hydrographic Office. EasyTide is the only service offering tidal predictions for over 4000 ports worldwide, the service also has many other features including: 7-day tidal predictions High/low water heights and times Times local to the selected port (do not include Daylight Savings). Results displayed as a tidal curve Printer friendly option Book-marking facility to enable direct access to your favourite port.
  • XTide  - XTide is a package that provides tide and current predictions in a wide variety of formats. Graphs, text listings, and calendars can be generated, or a tide clock can be provided on your desktop.